Identify. Assess. Implement


By using an evidence-based functional approach and by considering your unique biochemical make-up, we draw up a dietary plan that will suit your specific needs. nutriFYI allows you to understand how lifestyle factors like what you eat, how much exercise you take on, your genetic makeup and health history affect your body. This in turn will help you to identify and cope with the challenges that you may face such as illness, chronic symptoms, hormonal imbalances and obesity to name a few.


We start with an assessment that identifies your potential nutritional imbalances. We use education to teach you on how these imbalances impact your health. This allows us to help you support your body during illness, prevent certain illnesses, to achieve and maintain your overall health.


Once this plan is implemented you will be monitored as often as necessary to allow us to provide adequate support and give you a sense of accountability for your own well-being (how often you will be monitored is established during the first consultation). Unlimited email access to provide you with the support you need and answer any of your queries. You will also be able to participate in group-based coaching.

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