All coaching services can be provided as online support.

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Nutritional coaching and mentoring

This involves producing an individualised sustainable plan which cuts through all the conflicting advice that is easy to follow with continued support throughout the process.

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These group interactions provide nutritional education and lifestyle awareness in group settings. The focus of each group is tailored to the needs of the group. Attending group sessions gives you the opportunity to listen, learn and to encourage others. Please contact us directly to discuss this and to book your spot.

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One of the biggest health challenges we are facing today is obesity. Unhealthy eating habits are not the only cause of obesity – our whole lifestyle contributes to it. Losing weight and keeping it off are not solely dependent on diet, but also on other changes that are needed, such as a balance of regular exercise, adequate sleep and mindfulness, to name only a few. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle and long-term changes relies on mastering all of these areas.

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Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and well-being and it is extremely important when you are pushing your body beyond the level of normal daily activities.

You may simply want to add exercise to your busy schedule or you may want to work towards becoming a professional athlete. Whatever your end goal is, fuelling your body adequately is going to be vital in improving your performance.

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease” (WHO, 2016)

Family nutrition is based on a full understanding and application of these words. Feeding a family can seem like a daunting task: it takes preparation, coordination and good time management skills, and the ability to combine all these in just the right way. The uncertainty of whether you are fulfilling each family member’s needs is a common topic addressed at nutriFYI. Other common areas addressed are food guidance during breastfeeding, toddler nutrition, and nutrition for the elderly.

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Hormones play an important role in every stage of our lives. Hormonal health disruptions upset the balance and may have serious effects on our health. The issues that arise from these imbalances can cause havoc internally. This affects overall health and can be visible through our skin, weight gain or weight loss, as well as mood changes. nutriFYI addresses dietary and lifestyle choices to aid in the management of these disruptions.

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